The Brickstruct Story
    It all started in 1999 with some Star Wars Lego, and a retail AT AT kit that did not exist.  After searching for photo reference on the internet, studying props, and buying tons of bulk bricks by the lot on Ebay, I set out to build a Minifig scale Imperial Walker.  After 6 months, the beast was created.  It won a few custom awards online, and then the emails started.  Can you please make instructions?  “Hmmm” I thought, “is this even possible?”  Well finally today, it’s a reality!  
    After spending a month learning 3D CAD software...the process began to turn my models into understandable manuals.  It has taken now over three full years to produce 16 and counting ADVANCED BRICK BUILDING INSTRUCTION manuals.  Hundreds of hours go into what becomes instructions that make sense to the most basic brick builder.  Most of my manuals are over 50 pages, and all parts are off the shelf.  I do not cut or glue anything.
     As a spare time hobbyist, I certainly do enjoy the feedback I’ve received from the many custom builders who now display the same model I have on my desk!  The requests keep coming for “certain” new manuals....and I hope to fill most of those in the future. -Kevin Lee
And NOW AVAILABLE....the giant walker!