You can order these sails by sending an email to
US shipping costs for sails are a flat rate of $4.75 (set of 9 sails) USPS padded, anywhere in the US.
       International Shipping Costs will vary based on your location.  Send email with address for quote to your location.
    Custom Cut REAL CLOTH SAILS !
No Pearl is complete without them.  Three sizes available.  Jib/Spanker sail, Top Sail and Main sail.  Sold as a Full Set of 9.  These are hand crafted, produced one at a time, and each sail goes through a tedious process to get the look and feel of an “official” sail. Made of treated cloth, very thin and stiff, just like an official sail from the old Pirate Sets!   They are official sizes, and the punch holes line up with the Black Pearl/ QAR sails. (Main Sail is roughly 8 inches by 4 inches) ** Available in BLACK**
Full Set of 9 - (4 main, 2 top & 3 jib) - $55.00 US