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The FLDTCHMN-001 manual contains a 212  page step by step guide to building this large (30” long & 23” tall), 3 masted Seaweed Ridden sailing ship from your own bricks.  2 years of work gets you an enhanced and enlarged version similar to the one in the video game, and it’s full of details!  No less than 14 photos of the actual ship were referenced for this build, and it’s full of non traditional building techniques. Working Triple Cannons slide forward and out to rotate, then retract behind their bow doors! Each side has 14 gun ports, including brick built mini cannons, detailed lower tiled deck with brig, under cabin hold for rum and treasure.  Mid tiled deck with detailed bow mouth, forecastle, “Kraken calling “ capstan that functions, stairs to lower deck, ladders to upper deck, double stairs both fore and aft to upper 3rd deck, rails, under stair gun ports, captain’s cabin with organ, poop deck with helm wheel, and upper capt’s cabin with desk and map.  Rear glass windows,  3 crow’s nests, 2 working anchor turnstiles to lift and lower the large Starboard and Leeward Anchors, and multiple details straight from photo ref of the real ship.  Also contains a complete parts list you will need, and details on the custom Hand Made Cloth Weather beaten sails to fill out her masts! (Available here, see link below)
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Triple Guns slide out and rotate!