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The HLMSDP-BOOK 1 manual contains the first part of what will be a Giant Modular Build, when all sections are completed.  Book 1 is a giant 249  page PDF, step by step guide to building the first 4 sections (see highlighted top image) of this project, from your own bricks.  It’s been a long  year in the studio with this, many sections are completed...and this manual will get you underway.  This Book will show you how to build the GATEHOUSE, Left and Right Outer walls and Main Inner KEEP!  Other sections to follow in BOOK 2, some of which can be seen somewhat in the multiple images above.
This is a MODULAR build!  Sections 2, 3 and 4 connect to section 1.  Each section is loaded with it’s own functions, and details!  Files also contain a complete parts list of what you will need to build it.  Book 2 will contain right side wall/ Mountain entrance, Left side wall Tower and stairs, and the BIG Section, the HORNBURG.  ( these sections are complete, but instructions have not been created yet.)
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