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The HLMSDP-BOOK 4 manual contains the 4th part of what is now a Giant Modular Build, bringing the overall piece count to an amazing 16,130 parts!.  Book 4 comes in at around 135 pages (PDF, step by step guide to building the next 4 sections (see pics) of this project, from your own bricks.  It’s been another long 8 months in the studio with this next addition, as the Deeping Wall is now highlighted! The highlight for this build is the exploding culvert wall section.  Pull the barrel on the back of the wall, and the culvert explodes into 10 separate sections!  See pics.
This is a MODULAR build!  All Sections 1-13 connect to each other, increasing the overall size of the model.  Each section is loaded with it’s own functions, and details!  Files also contain a complete parts list of what you will need to build this massive creation.
Price - $20.99 US
THE HELM’S DEEP PROJECT