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The HLMSDP-BOOK 2 manual contains the SECOND part of what will be a Giant Modular Build, when all sections are completed.  Book 2 is a larger book, at 258  pages (PDF, step by step guide to building the next 3 sections (see highlighted top image) of this project, from your own bricks.  It’s been a long  year in the studio with this next addition, as the Hornburg is the highlight in this manual.  This Book will show you how to build sections 5, 6 and 7!  Book 2 contains right side wall/ Mountain entrance, Left side wall Tower and downward wall stairs, and the Huge Section, the HORNBURG. Other sections to follow in BOOK 3.
This is a MODULAR build!  All Sections 1-7 connect to each other, increasing the overall size of the model.  Each section is loaded with it’s own functions, and details!  Files also contain a complete parts list of what you will need to build it.
Price - $18.99 US
THE HELM’S DEEP PROJECT