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The QARPS-001 manual contains a 157  page step by step guide to building this large (28” long & 23” tall), 3 masted Cursed sailing ship from your own bricks.  4 months of work gets you an enhanced and enlarged version with just over 3,200 parts, and it’s full of details!  Movie referenced to capture all the details you’d expect from me! Also full of non traditional building techniques. Lower hull includes the brig and cannons, with space in the hold for rum and treasure.  Mid deck has removable section to get below deck, detailed forecastle, access to detailed captain’s cabin, working port and starboard anchors, and aft double “curved” stairs to upper detailed chart room, and stairs to poop deck.  Rear glass windows arch up from the gallery, and by the push of a “barrel”, you get a light up Capn’s Cabin using the Lego Light Brick! Many multiple details straight from photo ref of the real ship.  Find a globe, map, voodoo jack, and even the Black Pearl Trophy Bottle along the way!  Also contains a complete parts list you will need to get her up and sailing!
Price - $20.99 US