Replica of the classic fighter, based on the original design.
Inspired by the classic, but updated to a more modern sleek craft.
Replica of the classic  sleek fighter, based on the 70’s tv version.
The Recon version,
features 2 seat cockpit, opening port door and working landing gear.
The Attack version, armed to the teeth. Rockets, missiles, guns and bombs...bases covered.
Fully detailed Hangar Bay based on the current design. Complete with crane, lift & tow vehicle.
Replica of the sleek stealth prototype.
The Classic.  
Full scale with
many features as well as unique SNOT techniques.
The latest
version, complete with
nukes and re-tractable gear.
Sleek and up-graded, complete with
cannons and opening cockpit.
4 Large adjustable cannons fore, and opening cargo ramp aft.
One Version, 2 shows.  Working Treads , doors, ramp, and Cannons!