The Barad Dur Project
    As an even bigger project, I recently took on my same UK buddy’s dream of turning another mess of an LDD file into “step by step” instructions, so that anyone who can view a PDF would be able to build the model...and this one was more difficult than Minis Tirith.  This second commissioned project took about 8 months to complete.  2 months were spent just tearing the LDD file apart, and rebuilding it my special CAD software. A tedious, pain-staking process.
    Again, I was given the LDD file, but it was a mess to read in step by step building guide.  In fact, it would not open as a completed model.  The LDD software simply could not handle the amount of parts.  As I began the conversion,  I deleted some things, adding new ones, and enhancing the model overall.  And, all the while again,  without a physical Lego model in front of me.  Since I had done Minis Tirith entirely digitally , how hard could this be...I mean, I’m a pro now, right?  The task was much harder than I had anticipated.
     Hard enough, in fact,  to take 6 months to create a 385 page manual,with a piece count of over 6,000 parts. It’s Super huge, but no doubt another great addition to anyone’s Lord of The Rings Collection.  And yes, that GREAT EYE lights up.
Instructions for BARAD DUR and Minas Tirith are NOW AVAILABLE.  Please send me an email with cost and ordering instructions!
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“Dear Kevin, it’s been a pleasure working with you, a dream fulfilled and the overall result speechless.  I’m still assembling the pieces, but can’t wait to get around to finally completing the model.  You deliver on your work and I’m very happy to have worked with you.”  Daniel, UK.