The Minis Tirith Project
    ...The answer may in fact be YES.  I recently took on someone else’s dream of turning a mess of an LDD file into “step by step” instructions, so that anyone who can view a PDF would be able to build the model...and it was a huge one.  A giant first commissioned project that took about 3 months to complete.
    I was given the LDD file, but it was a mess to read in step by step building guide.  I re-built the entire model in my CAD software, all the while, deleting some things, adding new ones, and enhancing the model overall.  And, all the while without a physical Lego model in front of me.  This was a Digital first, as I usually build a CAD model from an actual Lego model that sits directly in front of me.  For me, it usually all starts with a real model first.
     With a piece count of over 4,000 parts, it’s huge, but no doubt would be a great addition to anyones Lord of The Rings Collection. Email me for Instructions Pricing.
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“Dear Kevin, it’s been a pleasure working with you, a dream fulfilled and the overall result speechless.  I’m still assembling the pieces, but can’t wait to get around to finally completing the model.  You deliver on your work and I’m very happy to have worked with you.”  Daniel, UK.